Top 5 reasons why Communications Professionals Make Better Lovers

It’s list time again!

My last list about how to write lists was so successful that I thought I would have another one! The irony is delicious! My defenses impregnable. Here I present 5 reasons why communications professionals are better lovers!

Its something we’ve all known since second year, and solidified in our first months of practice. Communications Professionals make better lovers. All around they are better at relationships, sex, flings, one night stands, any of it. Its just a fact and here is why.

  1. We are trained to read and react to immediate clues.
    A communications specialist knows human behavior. We have to, its our job. Therefore we are trained and ready to receive even the most subtle of clues and apply them to context and immediately react to them. How does this translate to your love life? In social situations we are better prepared to save you from awkward moments. That dude hitting on you at the bar? We can intercept. You forget that former co-workers name? Watch us work our magic and save face! In sexual situations we can easily read and react to the smallest noise, face-twitch, hand movement and immediately utilize it to your advantage. It’s our job. We can’t help it.
  2. What fights?
    Block and bridge, intercept, newsjacking, we especially know how to take conversations and move them where we want them. Instinctively we will often foresee/predict a fight before it even starts brewing and stop it from happening! This may seem like manipulation but in reality it’s a skill we use to save the relationship. Its for the greater good!
  3. People like us, but people don’t like us. So jealousy isn’t a thing. Loyalty is.
    Loyal to the death, PR pros and communications experts are trained to throw their whole identity and life into a single organization or entity. We feel obligated to do so. So if that organization is our relationship, our fling, or a date, we are obligated to do the same thing. Aside from that, people don’t trust PR and Comms Pros. This is a fact, and too often people who learn what we do don’t trust us. What does that say for you? It says that we are less likely to have rival suitors and more likely to appreciate those who actually take the effort to like us. That results in absolute loyalty and dedication.
  4. Many of us are communication addicts, so you’ll always know what is happening.
    Communication is key to a relationship. This is a mantra any self-help guru will tell you. If you want a relationship to succeed it is imperative that you know how to talk to one another in fair, equitable ways. Comms experts can’t help it! Responding to every text, every tweet, and even geo-tagging (I need this Mayorship!) we can’t help but be transparent and available. Sometimes, brutally so. If you value open and honest communication then you should be completely content with a comms pro.
  5. Who else uses a phrase like “dialogical” and applies it to anything?
    If you have never heard this phrase it means that communications is never one sided. It is not a ping-pong game. It is not a battle. It is a swirling flow of glitter and water and they mix and meld and make the glittery deliciousness that is communication. Once someone inherently grasps that then everything is dialogical. Each social situation, each physical engagement becomes delicious glitter water and that is how they live their lives. Its how you could be living yours. In delicious glitter water.

There you have it; 5 reasons why communications professionals make better lovers. Stay tuned for more sarcasm.



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